NOVEMBER 25-26, 2015

You are warmly invited to attend the International Conference entitled:



 organized by “Dimitrie Cantemir”  University of Targu Mures on

November 25-26, 2015


Conference Programme


Submission of Paper November 8, 2015


Document template

All documents will be sent by attachment to the email address academica_science_journal@yahoo.com in Academica Science Journal Template (583 KB) [download]

Download Academica Science Journal Template (583 KB)

Another documents:

– For authors: Download Declaration by Authors form (35 kB)

– For reviewers: Download Review form (70 kB)

The article will be written in English.

Articles should contain an even number of pages. The minimum number of pages is 6 and the maximum is 12. All pages of the article, including the last, must have a minimum 80% coverage (text, image, etc.).

The letter sent by e-mail must contain the following information:

1. “Subject” line:  EPD2015 – name and surname of first author – title of paper.

– for example: EPD2015- Valentin-Florin Ciotea – Reliability of production

2. The body of the letter must contain the following information in the order mentioned below:

a.  EDUCATIONAL PERFORMANCE AND DEVELOPMENT – International Conference 2013,

b. Title of the paper,

c. Article Section: Choose a section as described in “Conference sections”,

d. The list of authors – each author containing the name, address, phone number and email address.

3. The article, which must conform to the content and editing rules mentioned in the template, is attached to the email. The article can be written in Microsoft Word 2003 format or compatible.


Conference sections

– Symposia

 * Economic sciences

** finances

** banks-accounting

** management

** marketing

** tourism economy

** economic informatics

* Philology:

  **TEFL, ESP, Business English

  **New Technologies in Language Teaching

* Law

** public law

** private law

* Psychology

** psychology

** special psycho-pedagogics

** science education

* Geography

 ** tourism and planning

** physical geography

** human geography

– Plenary speeches

– Workshops

– Book launches

Key Steps and Deadlines



- Submission of Paper November 8, 2015
- Response to submission November 15, 2015
- Preliminary Program November 18, 2015
- Final Program November 23, 2015
- CONFERENCE November 25-26, 2015


Management Committee


Ciotea Valentin-Florin  – chair

David Doina – vice chair

Bodoasca Teodor – member

Simionescu Mircea – member

Rus Ioan – member

Ratiu Ramona – member

Stanciu Camelia – member

Gorea Brandusa – member

Oroian Maria – member

Pop Anişoara – member

Gyorgy Emanuela – member

Savu Lucian – member

Farcas Lică – member


Scientific Committee


Anitei Mihai, Prof. Ph.D.

Batrancea Ioan, Prof. Ph.D.

Berariu Cristina, Lect. PhD.

Balc Samuiel, Lect. PhD.

Bodoasca Teodor, Prof. Ph.D.

Cattelan Valentino, Ph.D. Lecturer

Cătană Lucia Emilia, Assoc.prof. Ph.D.

Cianga Nicolae , Prof. Ph.D.

Cigher Marius, Lect. Ph.D.

Ciotea Valentin-Florin, Assoc.prof. Ph.D.

David Doina, Assoc.prof. Ph.D.

Danisor Gheorghe, Prof. Ph.D.

Dobrin Cosmin, Prof. Ph.D.

Dumitrascu Danut, Prof. Ph.D.

Dumitrescu Luigi, Prof. Ph.D.

Filpişan Monica, Lect. Ph.D.

Florea Calin, Assoc.prof. Ph.D.

Forgaciu Flavia, Assoc.prof. Ph.D.

Gligor Adrian, Assoc.prof. Ph.D.

Gorea Brînduşa, Assoc.prof. Ph.D.

Horja Monica, Assoc.prof. Ph.D.

Horomnea Emil, Prof. Ph.D.

Ilies Alexandru, Assoc.prof. Ph.D.

Ilies Dorina , Assoc.prof. Ph.D.

Maier Aurel, Assoc.prof. Ph.D.

Marty Klein , Therapist

Negrut Vasilica, Prof. Ph.D.

Moldovan Traian, Lect. Ph.D.

Muresan Laura, Prof. Ph.D.

Oroian Maria, Assoc.prof. Ph.D.

Pop Anisoara, Assoc.prof. Ph.D.

Popa Ioan , Prof. Ph.D.

Popescu Dan, Prof. Ph.D.HC.

Ratiu Ramona, Assoc.prof. Ph.D.

Roman Constantin, Prof. Ph.D.

Rus Ioan, Prof. Ph.D.

Ruzgyte Edita, Ph.D.

Savu Lucian, Assoc.prof. Ph.D.

Simionescu Mircea, Prof. Ph.D.

Stanciu Camelia, Assoc.prof. Ph.D.

Stoica Mihaela, Assoc.prof. Ph.D.

Talanga Cristian , Prof. Ph.D.

Tomuletiu Adriana, Assoc.prof. Ph.D.

Vasloban Eva, Assoc.prof. Ph.D.

Vancea Smaranda, Lect. Ph.D.

Verza Florin Emil, Assoc.prof. Ph.D.

Voda Mihai, Assoc.prof. Ph.D.

Zdrenghea Mihai, Prof. Ph.D.




All the selected articles will be published in “Academica Science Journal”, in 2015-2016 – After publication, each author will receive a copy of the journal containing the article presented at the symposium.


Conference Fee

– 50 EUR / paper


– 220 RON/paper


After confirmation of your paper acceptance, the fee should be paid prior to November, 15, 2015 in the following bank account:

EUR bank account : RO 36 BPOS 2700 6725 883 EUR 06

RON bank account : RO 36 BPOS 2700 6725 883 RON 01



Please sent a scanned copy of your payment confirmation to academica_science_journal@yahoo.com so that we can validate your participation to our event.

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